Michael O'Shea

To say I love the art of Steadicam would be a huge understatement.  I got my first glimpse into the world of this specialty field back in 1995 when I enrolled in the Steadicam Operators workshop.  Fortunate enough to haveSteadicam inventor Garrett Brown and veteran operator JerryHolway teaching me the ropes, I instantly fell in love with operating aSteadicam and knew it was my calling. 

I went on to work for Garrett over the next four years and helped him develop a number of specialty camera systems including the GoCam,Skycam, Divecam, MobyCam, Flycam and the SuperFlycam.  In 1996 I was able to take 18 cameras to the Atlanta Olympic Games.  Then on to travel the world shooting commercials and numerous sporting events such as the Goodwill Games, the Commonwealth Games, and the Salt Lake City Olympics.  

Not long after, I took over the Steadicam Operators Association.  It was exciting teaching others at the workshops while continuing to improve my skills. 

Since then and to date, I’ve had the pleasure of working as the A Camera/Steadicam Operator on numerous projects, including the feature films “Sex and The City,” “Brooklyn’s Finest,” “Copout,” and “12 Rounds.”   Among the TV shows I’ve shot are “Bloodline,” "Jessica Jones," “Damages,” “Bored to Death,” “Third Watch” and “Oz.”